Vertical pumps for corrosive liquids

The chemical resistant construction features of our plastic pumps eliminate any contact of metal parts with aggressive fluids and ensure full chemical resistance to most corrosive products. With Savino Barbera vertical centrifugal pumps there is no need of openings at the tank bottom: the pumping of acids is safely performed.


AS vertical pumps

  • Suitable for tanks and pits with variable or static level.
  • Customized length: from 250 to 3000 mm.
  • Maximum flow-rate: 80 m³/h.
  • Maximum head: 43 m w.c.
  • Thermoplastic materials: PP, PVC, PVDF.

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BS vertical pumps: cantilever

  • There are no intermediate supports nor sleeve bearings.
  • Standard length: 400, 550, 700, 900 mm.
  • Maximum flow-rate: 55 m³/h.
  • Maximum head: 30 m w.c.
  • Thermoplastic materials: PP, PVC, PVDF.

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GP vertical pumps: high flow-rates

  • High efficiency volute pump casing.
  • Customized length: from 800 to 3000 mm.
  • Maximum flow-rate: 146 m³/h.
  • Maximum head: 42 m w.c.
  • Ideal for continuous services and heavy duty applications.
  • Thermoplastic materials: PP only.

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General technical features

  • In-tank installation: this eliminates external leakages of hazardous liquids.
  • Modular design adaptable to any application.
  • Shaft without intermediate bushings to minimize maintenance.
  • Over 1950 mm: fiberglass reinforcement to provide better structural stability.
  • Close-coupled design with few parts only to fit into compact spaces.


A. Bolts and nuts with corrosion resistant coating: PP, PVC, PVDF.
B. EPDM or FPM gaskets, according to the liquid being pumped.
C. Bushings flushed by the liquid, made of filled PTFE, Ceramic or Sic.
D. Shaft without sleeve bearings and with PP, PVC, PVDF coating.
E. Components molded or machined from corrosion resistant thermoplastics.

AS vertical chemical pumps

Q max m³/h H max m w.c. kW Bushings Shaft min mm Shaft max mm
AS20 5 8 0.25 – 0.37 si 250 1000
AS30 14 16 0.55 – 1.1 si 320 3000
AS40 23 18 2.2 si 320 3000
AS50 38 24 2.2 – 3 si 465 3000
AS70 54 25 4 si  1000 3000
AS80 69 47 5.5 – 9.2 si 1000 3000
AS100 79 43 11 si 1000 3000

More details on AS vertical centrifugal pumps.

BS vertical chemical pumps

Q max m³/h H max m³/h kW Bushings Length mm
BS20 5 6 0.25 no 400
BS30 10 15 0.55 – 1.1 no 550
BS40 15 18 2.2 no 550
BS50 24 18 2.2 – 3 no 700
BS70 37 25 5.5 no 900
BS80 55 31 7.5 no 900

More details on BS vertical centrifugal pumps.

GP vertical chemical pumps

Q max m³/h H max m w.c. kW Bussole Gambo mm min Gambo mm max
GP80A 100 36 15 si 800 3000
GP80B 110 42 18.5 si 800 3000
GP100D 125 16 9.2 si 800 3000
GP125D 146 24 15 si 800 3000

More details on GP vertical centrifugal pumps.

Savino Barbera’s hydraulic design

The Savino Barbera hydraulic design, featuring a distinctive manufacturing conceived for acid resistance, provides:

  • Flow-rates up to 150 m³/h and heads up to 60 m w.c.
  • Impellers with various diameters. Motors with diversified frequency, voltage and power.
  • Axial load impellers to provide stability and to allow the use of shafts without intermediate supports.

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Corrosive liquids

Here is a list of some aggressive liquids compatible with our vertical acid pumps:

  • Pumps for sulfuric acid.
  • Pumps for caustic soda.
  • Pumps for hydrochloric acid.
  • Pumps for muriatic acid.
  • Pumps for hydrogen chloride.
  • Pumps for sodium hydroxide.
  • Pumps for sodium bisulfite.
  • Pumps for chromic acid.
  • Pumps for sodium hypochlorite.
  • Pumps for bleach.
  • Pumps for hydrofluoric acid.
  • Pumps for ferric chloride.
  • Pumps for sodium chloride.
  • Pumps for aluminium chloride.
  • Pumps for polyaluminium chloride.
  • Pumps for phosphoric acid.
  • Pumps for acetic acid.
  • Pumps for nitric acid.
  • Pumps for aqua regia.
  • Pumps for sea water.
  • Pumps for copper sulfate.
  • Pumps for citric acid.
  • Pumps for formic acid.
  • Pumps for lactic acid.
  • Pumps for peracetic acid.
  • Pumps for sulfamic acid.
  • Pumps for sodium bisulfite.
  • Pumps for sodium nitrate.
  • Pumps for sodium pyrophosphate.
  • Pumps for sodium sulfate.
  • Pumps for ammonia.
  • Pumps for chemical fertilizers.
  • Pumps for pesticides.
  • Pumps for industrial deodorizers.
  • Pumps for glycerine.
  • Pumps for potassium hydroxide.
  • Pumps for caustic potash.
  • Pumps for potassium persulfate.
  • Pumps for potassium permanganate.
  • Pumps for salicylic acid.
  • Pumps for tartaric acid.
  • Pumps for sulphur and derivatives.
  • Pumps for fuels.
  • Pumps for urea.
  • Pumps for ADBLUE.
  • Pumps for biodiesel.
  • Pumps for solvents.
  • Pumps for paint.
  • Pumps for ink.
  • Pumps for cleaning agents.
  • Pumps for industrial detergents.
  • Pumps for distilled water.
  • Pumps for peroxide.
  • Pumps for purified water.
  • Pumps for dyes.
  • Pumps for chemical additives.
  • Pumps for chemical extracts.
  • Pumps for photographic baths.
  • Pumps for brine.

Suggested installation

Installation chart for plastic vertical pumps produced by Savino Barbera:


G: pump length
L: tank depth
L1: maximum liquid level
L2: minimum liquid level


index Vertical pumps: suggested installation

Sizing of chemical pumps

When selecting a pump for aggressive liquids, it is necessary to carefully analyze various data without uselessly
over-sizing. This is the only way to avoid reduced performance or unwanted malfunction. Some of the data
requested for the proper sizing of a chemical pump are as follows:

  • Characteristics of the liquid (chemical nature, composition, concentration, temperature, specific gravity).
  • Flow and pressure.
  • Possible characteristics of the hydraulic circuit (charge loss, ancillary plant equipment, specific needs).

The data analysis will provide the proper tools for selecting best material, suitable impeller and correct motor power. That is, the choice of the best pump for your needs.

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Video gallery of vertical chemical pumps

Videos showing the technical features of our plastic vertical pumps:

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