Electric drum pumps

pompe-per-fusti- elettriche

  • For emptying drums, barrels and other containers.
  • Tube lengths: 900 or 1200 mm.
  • Voltage: 230 V-50 Hz or 48 V-50 Hz.
  • 3 meter connection cable.
  • Pratical side handle.
  • Open or closed impellers, according to the model.

Pumps for barrels and drums – MONO version

Material Ø Tube Impeller Bushings Ø Hose
 FUS SS MONO  FUS SS 900 mm AISI 304  42.5 mm PTFE PTFE-CERAMIC 25 mm
    icona TR PP el   TR PP 900 – 1200 mm  PP  42 mm ECTFE PTFE 25 mm
    icona TR PVDF el   TR PVDF 900 – 1200 mm  PVDF  40 mm ECTFE PTFE 25 mm
    icona TR SS el   TR SS 900 – 1200 mm AISI 316 42.5 mm ECTFE PTFE 25 mm

MONO version:
Electric single-phase motor: 950 W, 230/48 V, 50/60 Hz, 10.000 rpm (FUS model pumps)..
Electric single-phase motor: 800 W, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 18.000 rpm (TR model pumps).

Electric single-phase motor

  • Voltage: 230 V-50 Hz or 48 V-50 Hz.
  • Absorbed current: 4.1 A.
  • Absorbed power: 950 W.
  • Protection class: II.
  • Speed: 10.000 rpm.
  • In normal working conditions, the maximum noise level produced by the pump is 88,7 dB (A).
  • Electric drum pumps are suitable for intermittent services and short-term operations.

Drum pumps with ATEX certification

TR-X JP series drum pumps (materials: AISI 316) are also available wit ATEX certification (PTB 03 ATEX 400X II1/2 GB IIB T4). The plastic version (materials: PP and PVDF), instead, can only be supplied with ATEX certified motor.

Tube and shaft material AISI 316
Impeller material AISI 316 and PVDF
Tube diameter Ø 42.5 mm
Hose size Ø 25 mm
Maximum viscosity 600 cps
Temperature of the liquid
95°C max
Tube length range 700, 900, 1200 mm
Total weight
3 kg / 4.4 kg / 5.3 kg
PTB 03 ATEX 400X II1/2 GB IIB T4

index ATEX certified Savino Barbera drum pumps

Recommended use

  • Electrically powered drum pumps are suitable for intermittent and not continuous duties only.
  • Do not hold or operate the electric motor with wet hands or gloves. Be sure that the working floor is dry.
  • During work, the motor must be in the operator’s hands to avoid the pump from lying on the bottom of the drum and to make sure that the pump can be promptly stopped as soon as the liquid stops flowing.
  • The pump running dry can cause serious damages.
  • After use, always clean the pump by pumping clean water for a few minutes: some fluids can crystallize, leave deposits or, with time, negatively interact with the pump materials.
  • When not in use, store the pump in a protected area with the motor hung upward to avoid shaft and/or support column deformations and fluid trickle into the motor.
  • The motor must be protected against humidity and freeze during operations and also during inactivity or storage.
  • When pumping irritant, toxic, corrosive, scalding, caustic or poisonous fluids, it is necessary to take all protective measures indicated in the “safety data sheet” of the product.
  • Do not use the pump with inflammable fluids, in potentially explosive atmospheres or in scarcely aired places.
  • The absorbed current can be excessive owing to the fluid high specific gravity.

Savino Barbera drum pumps

Drum pumps photo gallery

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Pumps for drums and barrels.

FUS series drumpumps.

Drum pumps made of PP.

Drum pumps video gallery

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Drum and barrel pumps catalogues and manuals

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index Catalogue of pumps for drums and barrels
index Use and maintenance manual for electric drum pumps

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