Savino Barbera mechanical seal

For horizontal pumps Savino Barbera has developped a proprietary mechanical seal and the result of many years
of experience in the chemical field. It is a rotating shaft seal suitable for several industrial processes and appropriate for operating with the majority of aggressive liquids. In these chemical pumps, the seal is secured by mating faces to prevent liquid from coming out of the through-shaft that typically characterizes the pump-motor direct coupling. Savino Barbera mechanical seal, conceived to be fully resistant to wear and corrosion, is highly reliable also in other critical situations (dirty fluids, thermal dilation, shaft misalignments, abrasion risk) and is the distinguishing feature
of our horizontal pumps.

Single mechanical seal

tenuta singola

  • Made of three basic elements.
  • Flushed by pumped liquid.
  • No metal in contact with chemical solutions.

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Double mechanical seal

tenuta doppia

  • Primary seal (product side).
  • Secondary seal (atmospheric side).
  • Flushed by compatible ancillary liquids.

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General technical features

  • Totalmente resistente a liquidi abrasivi e corrosivi.
  • Senza bisogno di regolazioni o di registrazioni particolari.
  • Effetto auto-pulente grazie al suo montaggio interno.
  • Facilità di smontaggio e manutenzione semplificata.
  • Pezzi di ricambio disponibili ad anni di distanza.
  • Ottimo comportamento tribologico anche in condizioni severe.

Corrosion and abrasion resistant materials

Stationary ring Rotating ring Gasket Spring Bellow
Filled PTFE

Savino Barbera mechanical seal is available in different materials in perfect compliance with industrial pumping
needs. The possible combinations of seal faces material are innumerable: they are selected based on the specific
duty or the chemical nature of corrosive liquids. Obviously, our experience is always of great support for selecting
the best configuration to apply for the specific case.

Suggestions for proper use

  • In case of occasional use, downtime or storage, the pump must be always kept full of liquid to avoid the risk of faces sticking with resulting mechanical seal failures. If this happens, before starting the pump, it is advisable to manually turn the motor shaft after removing the motor fan cover. If the pump shaft does not turn freely, that means that the seal rings are blocked and the pump must be dismantled to unlock the mechanical seal.
  • Prevent the pump from being subjected to solidification (freezing, crystallization, calcareous deposits) or avoid the cooling of oversaturated solutions as this could cause faces sticking with consequential damages to the mechanical seal.
  • Plastic pumps must never be operated running dry, not even from the time necessary to verify their rotation direction during electrical connection. The sliding parts of the mechanical seal may be damaged causing external leakages.
  • The temperature of the pumped liquid must not reach boiling point. The thin lubricating liquid film in the sealing gap could vaporize and cause serious damage to the mechanical seal.

Photo gallery of mechanical seal pumps

Some images illustrating the wide range of our mechanical seals:

Pumps with Ceramic seal                  Flushed double mechanical seal             Savino Barbera mechanical seal

Mechanical seal or mag-drive?

The choice between pumps with mechanical seal and magnetically driven pumps may be influenced by improper installation habits. For example, we are sometimes asked to provide magnetic drive pumps for operating conditions not compatible with applications requiring leake-free operations: those who prefer magnet assembly can in fact presume that magnet coupling is the safest system compared to mechanical seal. However, while it is true that the mechanical seal is more easily subjected to leakage, on the other hand the supposed hermetic design of mag-drive pumps can become a problem due to the nature of some liquids. To make a calculated technical choice, we invite you to read this section:

icona-tenute-meccaniche Pros and cons of sealed pumps and magnetic pumps

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