OP horizontal chemical pumps

Savino Barbera- horizontal-pump-model-OP

  • Ideal for challenging operations and heavy duty services.
  • Flow-rates up to 150 m³/h and heads up to 40 m w.c.
  • Savino Barbera proprietary seal.
  • With no metal parts in direct contact with liquids.
  • Plastic materials: PP (polypropylene).

OP horizontal chemical pumps

Horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumps with high efficiency volute pump casing.

Q max m³/h H max m w.c. kW Mechanical seal Connections
OP80A 105 35 15 Single Flanged
OP80B 120 40 18.5 Single Flanged
OP100D 125 14 9.2 Single Flanged
OP125D 150 20 15 Single Flanged

Savino Barbera also makes other special pumps outside this range of products: in fact, not all of the possible combinations of impellers and motors are included in this chart. Specifically, it is possible to install impellers of various geometries and motors with non-standard power, frequency and protection features. We invite you to contact our technical office for specific needs.

Performance curves

The range of OP horizontal centrifugal pumps guarantees flow-rates up to 150 m³/h and heads up to 55 m w.c.
(meters water column). The curves refer to tests with clean cold water (ISO9906). The performance can vary based
on the different characteristics of the pumped liquid. Pumps with different performance features are available upon request.

userblock32 Performance curves download

Corrosion resistant plastic materials

In our pumps, all wetted parts are strictly made of corrosion resistant plastic material. Selecting the most suitable chemically-inert polymers is indeed one of the main skills of Savino Barbera. Our choices have always been adaptale to the specific use that our industrial products are intended for.

  • Plastic materials: PP.
  • One-piece plastic impellers without any metal insert.
  • Generously sized shafts with heavy-wall plastic coating.
  • Sliding elements made of Ceramic or Silicon Carbide.

polypropylene pumps


The plastic material used for these vertical axis
pumps is PP (polypropylene) only.

icona-corrosione More details on our production materials

Savino Barbera mechanical seal

The mechanical seal of our chemical pumps is a seal for rotating shafts exclusively designed by Savino Barbera.
It was conceived to be fully corrosion resistant and has the following features:

  • Very simple structure: only three elements.
  • Single mechanical seal, internally assembled and balanced.
  • Internal mounting for maximum cooling of its faces.
  • Sliding parts lubricated by the pumped liquid.
  • Self-cleaning due to the centrifugal force.
  • Ready-to-fit seal (no need for registrations).

icona-tenuta See the advantages of our mechanical seals


Savino Barbera horizontal pumps can be customized with optional equipment:

  • Open, closed and recessed impellers.
  • Flushed double mechanical seals.
  • PVC baseplates in standard sizes or upon request.
  • Motors with choice of power, voltage, frequency and protection.




PP – PVDF engine driven
pump for sulfuric acid

PVDF horizontal pump
with PVC baseplate

Plastic horizontal pump

Horizontal pumps for heavy-duty operations.

OP acid pumps feature reduced size and high performance, also due to the volute pump casing obtained with
solid blocks of polypropylene (PP). They can tolerate continuous services and critical operations. In addition to
various industrial installations, they are also ideal for: washing towers, chemical scrubbers, wet scrubbers, air
treatment plants, pollutants neutralization, exhaust gas treatment, cooling towers in general. Here are some
typical installations:


Flooded suction horizontal
pump for acids.

Horizontal pump for fume washing, wet scrubbers, acid gas treatment

Horizontal pump for fume washing,
wet scrubbers, acid gas treatment.

Horizontal pumps photo gallery

Some images of OP horizontal chemical pumps:

OP80 horizontal pump

OP100 horizontal pump

Two OP80 pumps

OP horizontal pumps catalogues & manuals

In this section you can download the technical information on our horizontal chemical pumps for corrosive liquids. Please, contact our sales department in case you cannot find the proper pump for your application needs.

index Savino Barbera horizontal chemical pumps
index Performance curves OP horizontal pumps 
index Maintenance and user manual for OP horizontal pumps
index Savino Barbera mechanical seal

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