Double diaphragm pumps – BX15

double-diaphragm-pumps – BX15

double-diaphragm-pumps – bx15-2

Extreme compact design

Compact pumps easy to maintain, BX15 pneumatic pumps are operated using non-lubricated air featuring adjustable flow rate and head. Characterized by robust construction, these pumps are suitable for pumping liquids with high apparent viscosity (up to 3.000 cps) even if containing suspended solids. Few components and a reduced footprint make these AODD pumps ideal to be used in production lines or installations in very uncomfortable positions or in places with difficult access. BX pneumatic pumps can be used as dosing pumps.

BX15 Series technical features

Material PP – ECTFE
Max flow-rate 17 l/min
Max head 70 m w.c.
Maximun dry suction lift (self-priming) 4 meters
Maximum wet suction lift 6 meters
Intake/Discharge connections G 3/8” f
Air Inlet G 3/8” f
Maximum air supply pressure 7 bar
Maximum particle size 0,5 mm max
Weight 1.35 kg (Polypropylene) – 1.5 kg (ECTFE)
Noise level (at 5 bar with rubber balls) dB (A) 65
Temperature limits 65°C (Polypropylene) – 95°C (ECTFE)
Atex certification II 3/3G D IIB T 135°C (zone 2) II 2/2GD c IIB T 135°C (zone 1)

BX15 performance curve

BX15 performance curve

Curves and performance values refer to pumps with submerged suction and a free delivery outlet with water at 20°C. Furthermore, they may vary according to pump material.

Overall dimensions (in mm)

BX15- diaphragm-pumps-dimensions

index Sectional drawing – BX15 pumps

Instructions for use

Everything you would have liked to know about diaphragm pumps but were never told … Some suggestions for a proper use of double diaphragm pumps:

  • The air-driven motor of BX pumps is self-lubricating and will not require any greasing. The pneumatic power-supply of our AODD pumps must be made using filtered, dried, non-lubricated, oil-free air, at a pressure not lower than 2 bars and not higher than 7 bars.
  • If the pressure is below 2 bars when the pump is running, the pump may stall. At a pressure higher than the maximum threshold, yielding and leakages of the product under pressure may occur and/or the pump may break. Warning: most snap-on fittings cause pressure drops.
  • BX Series pneumatic pumps must never be used to create vacuum.
  • In case of high viscosity fluids, do not use under-sized filters or piping, especially on the intake side. Furthermore, you must decrease the pump speed by choking.
  • Fluid service temperatures must range from +3°C to a maximum of 65/95°C according to the material of the components. Its use is defined by the type of material used to build the pump, the temperature class and the type of fluid. The maximum temperature allowed for process fluid or powder depends on and/or is declassed by the material of the pump: if exceeded, in respect to the maximum temperature shown on the marking, it cannot be guaranteed.
  • The declared capacity of dry negative suction refers to the intake of fluids with a viscosity and specific weight equal to 1. The performance and the duration of the pump’s membrane depend on the fluid’s viscosity and specific weight, as well as the length and diameter of the suction pipe.
  • The pump with negative dry suction must be installed as close as possible to the point of collection and, in any case, never farther than 5 m.
  • Fluid to be pumped with negative suction must never exceed a viscosity of 5,000 cps at 20°C and a specific weight of 1,4 Kg/l. These elements can cause derating and reduce the duration of the diaphragm.
  • If the pump is made from conductive materials and is suitable for flammable products, each pump casing must be equipped with a suitable earthing cable. Attention: danger of explosion and/or fire.
  • Provide appropriate support for the piping. Piping must be strong enough to avoid deformation during the suction phase and must never weigh down on the pump in anyway or vice versa.

instructions diaphragm pumps

Use only fittings with cylindrical gas threads in materials compatible with both the fluid and the pump’s construction materials.

up and down diaphragm pumps

Discharge UP and intake DOWN. In some pump bodies the arrows must be pointing up.

suitable earthing cable

Pump made from conductive materials and suitable for flammable products: the pump casing must be equipped with a suitable earthing cable.

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