Metal magnetic drive pumps

magnetic drive pumps in metallo

  • Zero leakage sealless design.
  • For clean corrosive liquids without solids.
  • Close-coupled pump with space saving design.
  • Material: AISI 316.
  • Flow-rates up to 30 m³/h and heads up to 24 m w.c.

Metal magnetic drive pumps

Q max m³/h H max m w.c. kW ATEX version Material
BM06 6 8.5 0.25 Atex Zone 1 and Zone 2 AISI 316
BM10 12 11 0.55 Atex Zone 1 and Zone 2 AISI 316
BM15 22 19 1.1 Atex Zone 1 and Zone 2 AISI 316
BM31 30 24 2.2 Atex Zone 1 and Zone 2 AISI 316

BM magnetic pumps operate with maximum nominal pressure PN 10, PN 16, PN 25.

index BM series mag-drive pumps – catalogue
index Performance curves for mag-drive pumps

Performance curves

The range of BM magnetic drive pumps guarantees flow-rates from 1 to 30 m³/h and heads up to 26 m w.c. (meters water column). The performance can change as the characteristics of the liquid being pumped varies. Pumps with 60 Hz motors are available upon request.

userblock32 Download here performance curves for BM6-BM10-BM15-BM31 models

Stainless steel, Hastelloy and Titanium.

In BM sealless metallic pumps, the pump and the impeller are made of AISI 316 stainless steel (standard version). Other metals are available upon request: Hastelloy and Titanium.

Material of pumping units:

  • Pumps and impellers made of stainless steel AISI 316 (standard version).
  • Bushings: graphite or filled PTFE.
  • Shaft: C276 Hastelloy.
  • O-ring: EPDM or FPM (Viton).

Magnetic coupling materials:

  • Permanent magnets made from neodynium-iron-boron (NeFeBo).

Mag-drive pump options

Savino Barbera magnetically coupled pumps can be assembled with some optional equipment:

  • 4 pole motors with 60 Hz power (1450 rpm).
  • Explosion proof motors (Ex-d).
  • Zone 1 and 2 ATEX pumps.
  • Base-plate made of PP in three different sizes.
  • Connections: backing rings, hose adaptors, male threads (depending upon the models).


index Technical sheet for baseplates – download here

Magnetic pumps photo gallery

Some images illustrating the range of BM mag-drive pumps:

Mag-drive pumps for diathermic oil.

Metal mag-drive pumps.

Pump with magnetic joint made
of AISI 316.

Magnetic pumps video gallery

Videos illustrating the technical characteristics of our mag-drive pumps:

Mechanical seal or magnetic coupling?

The choice between pumps with mechanical seal and sealless mag-drive pumps may be misled by incorrect
installation habits. For example, we are sometimes asked to provide magnetically coupled pumps not compatible
with applications requiring a leake-free pumpage: those who prefer the magnetic coupling can in fact presume
that the transmission through magnetic joint is a safer system compared to the mechanical seal. Howerver, if
on one hand the mechanical seal is more easily subject to leakage, on the other hand the supposed leak-free
design of permanent magnets must be taken into consideration because it can become a problem for the nature
of some liquids. To make a calculated technical choice, we invite you to read this section:

icona-tenute-meccaniche Pros and cons of sealed pumps and sealless magnetic pumps

Sealless magnetic drive pump BM model

Horizontal mag-drive pump (BM Series).

Mechanical seal pump OMA model

Horizontal mechanical seal pump (OMA Series).

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