PFT230 descaling pumps


Scale removal systems consisting of anti-corrosive vertical pumps made from
plastic (PP), 230 liters polyethylene tanks and internal filters to retain all solids
debris resulting form the descaling cycle. Engineered for chemical cleaning in
medium size industrial applications, the PFT230 gives a maximum flow-rate of
23 m³/h and a maximum head of 18 m w.c. As all PFT descaling units, the PFT230
descaling pump also has no metal parts in direct contact with acids for a complete resistance to corrosion.

PFT230 descaling pumps

Pump model AS40 vertical pump
Pump material PP (polypropylene)
Tank capacity 230 liters
Tank material PE-HD (high-density polyethylene)
Max. flow-rate 23 m³/h
Max. head 18 m w.c
Internal sediment filter PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Hose adaptor connections Ø 40 mm
Installed motor 1.5 kW – 400 V – 50 Hz – 2 poles – IP 55

Corrosion resistant plastic material

Selecting the most suitable chemically-inert polymers is one of the main skills of Savino Barbera. Our choices are always based on the chemical compatibility with acids and focused on the specific use that our products are intended for. In our PFT descalers, all wetted parts are strictly made of corrosion resistant plastic material and include:

PP (polypropylene)

Polypropylene has got good mechanical features and great resistance to the corrosive chemicals. It is not suitable for highly oxidizing and halogen concentrated acids (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine). Maximum working temperature: 90° C.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Plastic material widely used for civil and industrial plants. Resistance to acids, bases, saline solutions and organic compounds. Not suitable for aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Maximum working temperature: 45° C.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)

Great resistance to acids; saline solutions; aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons; alcohols and halogens. Not suitable for organic bases, alkaline solutions, ketones… Maximum working temperature: 100° C.

PE (polyethylene)

Polyethylene is the most simple among synthetic polymers and is the most common among plastics. It is very versatile and has perfect chemical stability. That is why it is used as manufacturing material for PFT tanks.

Tailor-made descaling units

PFT descaling pumps are available in 4 models to suit the most common industrial applications. Basically,
these standard scale removers incorporate chemical pumps, plastic tanks, hoses and filters. In addition, Savino Barbera can customize the descaling units by combining corrosion-resistant thermoplastic pumps with appropriate tanks. Furthermore, PFT can come with optional solutions such as:

  • Electrical control panels.
  • Double containment tanks.
  • Trolleys (mobile versions).
  • Non-standard tanks (up to 1000 liters).

Attacchi flangiati

Flanged connections.

Versione carrellata

Trolley-mounted mobile version.


Level controls.

Discaling pumps photo gallery

Some photos illustrating the range of our PFT series descaling units:

PFT31 descaling pump.

PFT315 descaling pump.

PFT100 descaling pump.

PFT with safety tank.

PFT with optional cage and trolley.

PFT31 descaling pump.

Descaling pumps video gallery

Videos showing the technical characteristics of our descalers:

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