Descaling pumps

PFT scale removers are multi-purpose units consisting of acid-proof pumps, plastic tanks and recycle filters. These portable equipment are designed to clean, dissolve, and remove limescale deposits, impurities, rust debris, sludges from circuits, systems, channels and pipes. Savino Barbera descaling pumps have no metal parts in contact with aggressive fluids so they perform optimum chemical cleaning, maintaining good performance and efficiency of a wide array of equipment by preventing clogs or malfunctioning over the years.

Descaling pumps PFT31


  • With vertical pump made from PVC.
  • Max flow-rate: 3 m³/h.
  • 30 liters polyethylene tank (PE-HD).

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Descaling pumps PFT108

disincrostatore PFT108

  • With vertical pump made from PP.
  • Max flow-rate: 4 m³/h.
  • 108 liters polyethylene tank (PE-HD).

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Descaling pumps PFT230


  • With vertical pump made from PP.
  • Max flow-rate: 23 m³/h.
  • 230 liters polyethylene tank (PE-HD).

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Descaling pumps PFT315


  • With vertical pump made from PP.
  • Max flow-rate: 37 m³/h.
  • 315 liters polyethylene tank (PE-HD).

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General technical features

  • Acid-proof pumps (PVC or PP) mounted in various volumes tanks.
  • Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic components.
  • With no metal wetted parts.
  • Extremely easy to handle with a compact design (with handles or wheels).
  • Ideally suited for the chemical cleaning of domestic and industrial plants.
  • Descaling operations without dismantling circuits or equipment.

PFT descaling pumps

PFT31 GP10 PVC PE 30 lt 3 m³/h 20 m w.c. 550 W
PFT108 AS20 PP PE 108 lt 4 m³/h 6 m w.c. 0.25 kW
PFT230 AS40 PP PE 230 lt 23 m³/h 18 m w.c. 1.5 kW
PFT315 AS50 PP PE 315 lt 37 m³/h 24 m w.c. 3 kW

Savino Barbera descaling pumps can be manufactured upon request, with high performance pumps and bigger tank to suit specific maintenance requirements.

How the descaling works

Over the years, industrial systems can experience fouling of various nature. It’s quite common for scale to bild-up
and other deposit formation may gradually obstruct the internal surfaces of the circuits having negative impact on efficiency, performance and heat transfer of the whole plant. In this case, the cleaning action of Savino Barbera descaling pumps eliminates all these obstacles, restoring the normal flow and the usual efficiency. In fact, by flushing the descaling solution with PFT devices the normal pumping conditions are re-established. The corrosive chemicals easily dissolve deposits and sediment from the bore size of pipes, channels, exchangers, tubes, coils.

tav. disegni singoli

Descaling of boilers, exchangers, condensers.

tav. disegni singoli

Descaling of heating systems.

tav. disegni singoli

Descaling of coils and pipes.

tav. disegni singoli

Descaling of different closed circuits.

Descaling, sanitization, scale removal, chemical cleaning

PFT scale removal systems are intended for chemical cleaning, removal, industrial descaling of:

  • limescale deposits.
  • corrosion residues.
  • various solid deposits.
  • bacteria, impurities, algae formation.
  • sludge buildup.
  • rust debris.
  • other insoluble sediment.

These descaling systems are specifically designed to deliver chemicals and cleaning solutions into:

  • refrigerating machines.
  • condensers, heat exchanger, chillers.
  • water cooling towers.
  • coils and pipes.
  • air-conditioning systems.
  • heating elements, water circuits.
  • heating units.
  • residential and industrial boilers.
  • radiators, car-radiators.
  • moulding machines circuits, mold tools.

Descaling liquids

Some of the liquids that are pumped with the help of PFT scale removal systems:

  • hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid).
  • sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrosulfite.
  • citric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid formic acid.
  • acid-based chemical products.
  • descaling liquids.
  • colour change indicators.
  • acids and surfactant solutions.
  • inorganic acid and alkaline solutions.
  • acid detergents, strong alkaline liquids.
  • passivating acids, dispersing agents, wetting agents.
  • neutralizing solutions.
  • diluted or concentrated chemicals.
  • industrial cleaners, anti-foam agents, corrosion inhibitors.

Savino Barbera descaling units are not supplied with cleaning liquids. De-fouling cleaners and chemical products can easily be found on the market.

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