The Savino Barbera company takes it name from its founder who, in 1947, began manufacturing metal pumps for agricultural irrigation, for construction and for domestic use in general.
The new postwar demands and the extensive modernization process which followed soon lead to other productive needs: those years saw an imposing change in industrial processes and the sudden spread of chemical technologies. the first industrial water purification plants were built and a new environmental conscience led to more and more frequent ecological activity.
Alternatives for metal were need in the field of industrial pumping: back then the systems (ebonization, rubberizing, various coatings) were of limited in use and very expensive. Original installation-design solutions were required, finally possible thanks to the growing availability of the first plastic materials, the only ones that offered mechanical reliability and chemical resistance.
In 1963 the company, having already established its with its original production line, profoundly transformed its structure and technological processes inaugurating its offering of electrical pumps constructed from corrosion resistant thermoplastic materials.
Savino Barbera, thanks to its assessment regarding the potential of the new materials and based on twenty-years of experience, decided to produce only plastic pumps for corrosive liquids, overcoming the distrust of plastic and its derivatives, materials erroneously considered less resistant and less advanced than metals.
This reconversion led the company to dedicate itself exclusively to plastic pumps for special applications, taking on the form which still characterizes the company today.
The company is a member of the national professional association, Assopompe, a consociation joining brings together the leading producers of Italian pumps and which is associated with Europump, a prestigious organization which is part of the European industrial pumps network.


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