Scale removers

The PF/T scale removers are portable units composed of Savino Barbera electrical pumps and of a tank equipped with a recycle pipe filter. This equipment is designed to comfortably perform descaling operation for the removal of impurities, algae, and bacteria from innumerable types of facilities.
The PF/T series equipment, in addition to the construction standard, may be built on request, in correspondence with user's possible needs, combining vertical and horizontal polypropylene pumps with the appropriate tank.

Scale remover system

PF/T Scale remover Technical data

Pump TypePF31 PVCAS20 PPAS40 PPAS50 PP-
Material and tank volume - lPEPEPEPE-
Flow rate Q - m³/h max341530-
Head H - m w.c. max2061622-
Motor550 Watt
230V/1/50 Hz - 48V/1/50 Hz
kW 0,25
Volt 400/3/50 Hz
kW 1.1
Volt 400/3/50 Hz
kW 1.5
Volt 400/3/50 Hz

Five quantities of the PF/T model descaling systems are normally produced (PF/T 31, PF/T 108, PF/T 230, PF/T 315), matching polypropylene pumps  (both vertical axis and horizontal axis) with tanks of various dimension. The smallest model (PF/T 31) is practical and versatile: it mounts a 650 W single-phase electric motor on a 30 liter tank and has a flow rate of 2000 l/h with a maximum pressure of 2 bars.

But there are innumerable variants depending upon the user's individual needs, and the specific problems of the plants to be purified can easily be satisfied. For example PFT scale remover systems can be provided in the trolley-mounted version: in this way, even in case of large-sized tanks, movement will be smooth and descaling operations will be facilitated. Or they may also be provided with electrical control panels.

Field of application

industrial systems
(refrigeration systems, evaporators, condensers, exchangers, cooling towers, humidification chambers, cooling circuits of plastic molding machines, coils and piping).

plant engineering systems
(air conditioning systems, centralized hot water generators, furnaces, boiler or water heater, thermosiphons and piping, thermal ovens and wall-hung boilers...).

other installations
(descaling car radiators, spraying liquids detergents, disinfectants or insecticides, cleaning facades or surfaces to be plastered).

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