Non-metallic pumps for handling corrosive and dangerous liquids: here is a selection of anti-corrosion chemical pumps recently manufactured. These corrosion resistant pumps are designed for aggressive liquids, corrosive fluids and chemical transfer. Pumps suitable for chemical applications, chemical plants and corrosive environments. There's no metal contact with the media being pumped.

pomper per produzione acido batterie


Cantilever plastic pumps for high corrosive liquids and acids like sulfuric acid. These non-metallic pumps (made in PP and PVDF) are suitable to pump acids for batteries and accumulators. Savino Barbera vertical pumps doesn't have any seal and are equipped with nuts and bolts covered by corrosion resistant thermoplastics (PP and PVDF). They are manufactured upon request in lengths up to 3 meters without intermediate bearings.

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pompe verticali


Example of short chemical pumps made in PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). These pumps are typically used for the transfer of corrosive, toxic or hazardous liquids. They are engineered for transferring highly concentrated aggressive liquids with excellent durability and chemical resistance: even nuts and bolts are made from thermoplastic material (in contact with process liquids). Savino Barbera anti-corrosion pumps are immersed in the tank avoiding accidental spillages.

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OMA 50

Horizontal pump with combustion motor

Equipped with Savino Barbera mechanical seal, this corrosion-proof acid-resistant pump transfers chemical liquids from a location below liquid level (Model OMA50). The various configurations available also include versions with internal combustion motors for special applications and emergency operations.

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Savino Barbera

Centrifugal horizontal pump made in polypropylene (PP)

This corrosion resistant pump (model OMA), equipped with mechanical, is mounted on a PVC base plate and is coupled to a tank used for transferring chemical products. This horizontal chemical pump is fitted in a flooded suction installation. A valve regulates the flux of chemicals.

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Savino Barbera

Horizontal pump with mechanical seal

Chemical OMA80A molded from corrosion resistant polupropylene and equipped with 7.5 kW motor and PVC base-plate. Designed for transferring aggressive chemicals such as: ferric chloride and polyaluminium chloride.

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Savino Barbera

Vertical mixer for the chemical and metallurgical industries

Plastic vertical mixer for the chemical industry for round vessels (available for square tanks too). Equipped with 2500 mm PVC flange and PE-HD rotor. Mixable solutions: water, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid.

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