AG Vertical mixers

Vertical single-stage mixers with cantilever shaft and wear bushings cooled by the flow of the pumped liquid. Built up to three meters long.
In the longest version constructed, the superior shaft extension and the need to allow only materials resistant to the aggressive chemicals to contact the liquid has lead to a project characterized by the presence of components constructed from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic and composite materials such as fiberglass reinforced plastic: fiberglass reinforced plastic in fact, in addition to satisfying the stability needs of very long mixers, is also an ideal solution for its chemical resistance to the corrosive liquids.
Thanks to their special construction, the AG series vertical mixers are ideal for handling corrosive liquids stored in basins and tanks with varying level and volumes up to 20 m³ even at high temperatures and for most organic and inorganic chemical products.

Technical characteristics
Materials of construction

The AG Mixers are available with parts manufactured from PP, PVC and PVDF depending on the liquids to be handled and the chemical compatibly required by the mixing operations

Mixer performance

Slow mixing typekWMedium mixingkWFast mixing typekW
0,2 - 0,5------AG10 63B 4P0.12AG10 63B 2P0.18
0,5 - 1,5AG20 71A 6P
AG20 71A 8P
0.18 0.12AG20 71A 4P0.25AG20 63A 2P0.25
1,5 - 2,5AG30 71A 6P0.25AG30 71A 4P0.37AG30 71A 2P0.55
2,5 - 4AG30 80A 8P0.25AG30 80A 4P0.75AG30 80A 2P1.1
4 - 6AG40 90S 6P0.75AG40 90S 4P1.1AG40 90S 2P1.5
6 - 8AG50 90L 6P1.1AG50 90L 4P1.5AG50 90L 2P2.2
8 - 10AG50 100L 6P1.5AG50 100L 4P2.2AG50 100L 2P3
10 - 12AG70132S 6P3AG70 112M 4P4AG70 112M 2P4
12 - 15AG80 132M 6P4AG80 132S 4P5.5AG80 132SR 2P5.5
15 - 20AG100 132M 6P5.5AG100 132M 4P7.5AG100 160MR 2P11

Support plate dimensions

AG10 6316512045245300100010015160140
AG20 6316512045245300100013015250220
AG20 71186146107325300100016015250220
AG30 71186146107325300300025515350220
AG30 80213164107350300300025515350220
AG40 90230184107370300300025515350220
AG50 90230184115402500300019020370340
AG50 100265204115450500300024520370340
AG70 11226522111031210003000---30------
AG80 13228925011038110003000---30------

mixer measurements

G = custom fit length

Approximate dimensions in mm

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