The structural characteristics of the AG Mixers allows them to be used in the chemical industry, galvanic industry, and in food, and pharmaceutical processes, for the treatment of printed circuits and for the purification of water and rivers, in purification and neutralization plants and also for the reagent, additive or flocculant mixing fields and in any application where chemical resistance must be coupled with reliability and safety.

AP Mixer
AP mixer
The special structural feature of this mixer with pumping pipe is its high flow rate with low installed power. These is due to a Mixer with circulating pipe ideal for transferring large quantities of liquid with small displacements in height.

PVC AG 50 Mixer
Vertical-type AG 30 Mixer made of PVC.
This manufacturing variation anticipates a  fiberglass reinforcement because of its length of 3 meters.

AG 50 vertical mixer
PVC vertical mixer, PRFV-reinforced for lenghts over 1600 mm.

PP AG Mixer
MC vertical mixer
Vertical mixer AC in AISI 304 with  gearmotor . Especially designed for paint

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