Magnetic drive pumps

Simple and versatile, the BM horizontal magnetic drive centrifugal pumps can be used with chemically aggressive liquids eliminating any risk of external leakage.
Thanks to the their magnetic coupling (transmission occurs by means of opposing magnets) and to the absence of rotating seals, this type of pump guarantees safe operation and the least possible maintenance. The pair of magnets in fact makes up the pump-motor connection: the shaft-motor magnet transmits rotary motion to the other magnet coupled to the impeller.
The liquids pumped must necessarily be clean, without the presence of suspended solids.
A wide variety of series versions are available with solutions for all industrial pumping needs.

General characteristics
magnetic drive pump
  1. Internal magnet.
  2. Pump casing front.
  3. Impeller.
  4. External magnet.
  5. Motor stool.

BM plastic magnetic drive pumps Technical data

Plastic BM BM04BM06BM10BM15BM31
Q max m³/h3.
H max m w.c.79121926

AISI 316 steel magnetic drive pump Technical data

SS316 BMBM06BM10BM15BM31
Q max m³/h6.
H max m w.c.9121926
MaterialAISI 316AISI 316AISI 316AISI 316
ATEX versionOn request