Savino Barbera mechanical seals

Single seal

Mechanical sealThe horizontal OMA model pumps mount a special mechanical seal capable of guaranteeing a high standard of safety to protect against loss of pumped liquid.
These are not the usual mechanical seals available on the market but a seal designed exclusively by Savino Barbera: individual, balanced and with cartridge installation for the greatest possible cooling of sliding parts. Years of excellent results have demonstrated their reliability and their easy maintenance and replacement. With regard to working design, three features in fact define Savino Barbera seal:The static and dynamic seal rings are made of Ceramic or sintered silicon carbide. The bellow is made of PTFE and the stainless steel spring is coated with PFA. The secondary seal of the static ring and the O-rings may be made of EPDM, FPM, PTFE or may be coated with FEP, PFA.

Double seal

Double mechanical sealFor special applications, Savino Barbera horizontal pumps (as an alternative to the single mechanical seal normally installed in the horizontal version of the corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps) may also be equipped with open or closed circuit double mechanical seals flushed with suitable auxiliary liquids.
This structural solution can resolve certain problems inherent to "normal" mechanical seals deriving from vaporization, the hazard of sticking seal faces, crystallization phenomena that affect some the particular fluids pumped.
For this reason, horizontal pumps equipped with this special double mechanical seal are especially appropriate for work where the risk of "running dry" is especially high, as in the case of discharging liquids from tank trucks: the seal's cooling circuit allows the pump to continue working without any difficulty, even if the liquid does not reach the pump itself.
In particular, the double Savino Barbera seals can protect the pump from running dry, representing another environmental safety tool protecting against the possible leakage of liquids or vapors.
A broad series of pump versions are available, with solutions ideal for the innumerable plant engineering process applications, where safety must be coupled with easy maintenance.

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