Horizontal centrifugal pumps

Anticorrosion horizontal centrifugal pumps conceived for applications in industrial processes, production lines and ecological facilities where resistance to chemical aggression must be coupled with reliability and easy maintenance.
The special construction of these pumps eliminates the possibility of any contact between metal parts and the liquids, while the selection of materials and manufacturing technologies ensure full compatibly with the products handled, a long operating life and conformity with standards in force: in particular, the presence of a mechanical seal designed exclusively by Savino Barbera offers safe solutions for all industrial pumping needs.

General characteristics

Horizontal centrifugal pump

  1. PP, PVC or PVDF coated bolts and nuts.
  2. Pump casing, cover, impeller and other components molded and drawn from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic materials.
  3. EPDM or FPM gaskets or PFA coated gaskets.
  4. Pump shaft obtained from molding PP, PVC or PVDF.
  5. Ceramic or silicon carbide seal rings.
  6. PTFE bellow.
  7. PFA coated spring.
  8. PTFE seal washer.

OMA horizontal centrifugal pumps Technical data

ModelQ maxH maxkWMechanical sealNozzles
m³/hm w.c.Single DoubleThreadHose adaptor Backing ring
OMA205 80.25yesnoyesyesno
OMA5035282.2 - 3yesyesyesyesyes
OMA8060355.5 - 9.2yesyesnonoyes

Additional information on the OMA horizontal centrifugal pumps.

PA horizontal centrifugal pumps Technical data

ModelQ maxH maxkWMax suction height - mMaterials
m³/hm w.c.
PA203.650.251.5PP. PVC
PA309.5141.12.5PP. PVC
PA4016161.53PP. PVC

Additional information on the PA horizontal centrifugal pumps.

SP horizontal centrifugal pumps Technical data

ModelQ max H maxkWMechanical sealMax suction height
m³/h m w.c.SingleDoublem
SP5035282.2 - 3yesyes3
SP8060355.5 - 9.2yesyes4

Additional information on the SP horizontal centrifugal pumps.

OP horizontal centrifugal pump Technical data

ModelQ maxH max kWMechanical sealNozzles
m³/hm w.c.

Additional information on the OP horizontal centrifugal pumps.

Plastic pumps do not allow dry operation.

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