TR PNEU Drum pumps

TR series pneumatic drum pumpsVertical centrifugal pumps constructed from PP, PVDF, AISI. 316 steel and with internal parts in polypropylene, PVDF, Ryton. Practical and handy, they allow discontinuous service and they are ideal for transfering non-abrasive and non-viscous chemical products contained in drums and barrels.
Compatibly with the chemical resistance of the construction materials, TR pumps are in fact appropriate for use with liquids free-of abrasive suspended solids at ambient temperature with a specific gravity up to 1.8 and viscosity up to 14 cps. They are instead not appropriate for flammable liquids and/or for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.


Warnings for use
  1. Do not use the pump in environments or with liquids that pose fire or explosion hazards. Do not grasp the motor with wet hands or gloves.
  2. Before each use verify that the motor on/off switch, the flexible feed hose and the fitting seals are in good operating condition.
  3. The pump is also indicated for intermittent service and not for extended use.
  4. Under normal operating conditions the maximum noise produced by the pump is 85 dB(A) surveyed according to EN Standards 50144. The operator must use ear protection. Under normal operating conditions the root-mean-square of motor acceleration is less than 2.5 m/sec².
  5. pneumatic motor power supply: the grid must guarantee a delivery of 13 l/s of filtered, dry and lubricated air at a pressure of 6.3 bars. Install an on-off valve, a filter unit with a pressure regulator and a lubricating box and a pressure-relief valve in proximity to the utility
  6. The flexible feed hose must have a min inside Ø of 10 mm and a max length of 10 m.
  7. Before every placement into service apply a few drops of oil into the motor air inlet.

Drum pump Technical data

ModelPP mono
PP mono
PP pneu
PP pneu
SS mono
SS mono
SS pneu
SS pneu
TR mono
TR mono
TR pneu
TR pneu
MaterialPPPPAISI 304AISI 304PP - PVDF - AISI 316
Max flow rate - l/min506070508080
Max head - m1015101099
Suction tube - mm900900900900900 - 1200
Suction tube diameter - mm4242424242-40-40.5
Weight - kg3.

Plastic pumps do not allow dry operation.



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