ATEX pumps

Specifically, the pumps offered by Savino Barbera in accordance with the ATEX Directive (a directive for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres) are:

BX double diaphragm pumps

 BX 100 ECTFE diaphragm pumpsThe diaphragm pumps with a casing and manifold composed of PP or ECTFE (with the addition of carbon fiber), aluminum or stainless steel are classified as II2 G Eex C IIB T4 and may be used in potentially explosive environments. The standard version (PP and glass fiber) is instead classified as II3 G Eex C IIB T4.

For further details, see double diaphragm pumps.

Certification of ATEX conformity in accordance with Directive 94/9/EEC
BX conductivePumps build with pump casings and manifolds constructed of conductive plastic materials (PP + Carbon fiber, ECTFE + Carbon fiber, Aluminum, Stainless Steel)ATEXII 2G Eex c IIB T4
BX non-conductiveNon-conductive plastic pumps with non-conductive central casing.
Metal pumps with non-conductive central casing

II 2 G: Surface equipment for use in areas where gas, vapors or mists are occasionally present during normal operation (EN 1127-1 par. 6.3).

II 3 G: Surface equipment for use in areas where the presence of gas, vapors or mists is unlikely, or rare and of short duration during operation.

Eex c: Equipment with built-in safety features(pr. EN 13463-5).

T4: Allowed temperature class. The user must process fluids at temperatures in conformity with said classification taking into consideration the instructions in the manual and the regulatory provisions in force. The user must furthermore keep in consideration the ignition temperatures of the gases, vapors or mists present in the area of use.

IIB: Exclusion of the following products: Hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulphide

ATEXSafety symbol in accordance with DIN 40012 Appendix A

The user of the equipment is responsible for classifying his own area the manufacturer instead is responsible for identifying the equipment category.

BM magnetic drive pumps

BM Aisi 316 magnetic pump Savino Barbera can also provide magnetic drive pumps compliant with ATEX directives. These include the AISI 316 version of the BM series with flow rates from 3.6 to 30 m?/h and heads from 7.5 to 26 m w.c.

For more information, see magnetic drive pumps.

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